Scent machine for art gallerys and museums aprox 25 sqm

This is small scent machine used inside small art galleys (size of a bigger room) not larger than 30 sq m. It can be used also in museums to make an infusion of aroma inside a diorama or nearby a display.

For example:
Inside the room of the museum we have a diorama of forest animals. We have the specific light, the specific low temperature , maybe some surrounding sounds inside speakers ... But what if we inject some sequoia perfume, or maybe some oak or even some freshly cuted grass. The neuron-receptors of the visitors will be activated by all the scents inside the room (except taste ).

Te unit can be set up by working hours/ day , time of diffusion and delay between diffusion. It will start and stop based on the time set inside the control panel

A few decades ago, architects saw lighting as a luxury; now it has become a central aspect of spatial design. Scent will increasingly be used to draw out the sensual elements of public and private spaces. We realize the importance of an appropriate scent as an interior design element.

Aromas affect us on a subliminal level - which is one reason we often underestimate their power. Studies have shown that scent memory is the strongest kind of memory. The scents can be "memory markers" that help a person recall familiar brands more than unfamiliar ones.

What makes sense of smell so powerfull? Humans can recognize close to 10,000 aromas and we breathe about 30,000 times a day. Our olfactory system is able to identify a huge list of scents that surround us daily. Scents trigger memories, images, emotions and associations.The scent marketing and ambient air scenting industry is growing strong with the most recent scent studies proving the solid powerful relationship between scents and our emotions.

We work with reputable perfumers and fine fragrance manufacturers to meet the high expectations of our clients and our selves. Every step of product development and delivering the superior service to our clients, is taken extremely seriously and we take pride not only in our products but in our unsurpassed customer service and complete scenting solutions.

Our advanced scent diffusion technology and scent diffusion systems are only great with our complete service focus. While many speak of only products, we speak of service. It is not a coincidence to serve many global hotel brands and retailer chains worldwide.


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