Shelf trolley for museums and art gallerys

Whether you are commissioning in e-commerce, in the industrial sector, in a workshop or in the healthcare sector, shelf trolleys always ensure an efficient workflow. They guarantee reliable transport, intermediate storage of parts, as well as order-based disbursement or portioning at the conveyor belt.
Always easily manageable and quickly available everywhere, it reduces equipping and transit times.

The trolleys are optimised for the use of open-fronted storage bins. This makes our trolleys an indispensable component of many processes in operations that bring a clear improvement to internal workflows.The shelf trolleys are extremely stable and low-weight.
Advantages of the Shelf trolley
Suitable for the transport of open-fronted storage bins (500 x 300 x 200 mm)
Easy handling and ergonomic, even at maximum load
Flexible, ideal when space is tight
An optimum overview and direct access to the contents
Very stable and high quality due to the welded shelves

Smooth surface
4 permanently welded shelves create 5 evenly spaced storage compartments
Storage compartments with a raised rim at the side and rear
Space between the shelves 230 mm
Every shelf can be fully loaded up to 100 kg equally distributed
25 x 25 mm square aluminium pillar profiles on the short sides are also used for pushing the trolley
All-round, abrasion-resistant, blue PVC bumper on the lower rim of the trolley
Stable undercarriage support made of galvanised steel
Galvanised steel wheel housing, 160 mm diameter wheel, non-marking solid rubber wheels, roller bearings and threadguards
Wheel arrangement D


E 2801 - 980 x 520 x 1135      --price  819,90
E 2801 - 980 x 520 x 1390     --price  907,90
E 2801 - 1290 x 520 x 1150 --price  903,90
E 2801 - 1290 x 520 x 1390 --price  1.010,40

Price without VAT* 907.00 €
Delivery time: 4-7 days** Available on order
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