Wireless wifi speakers for museums and art gallerys

The main goal of this wifi sound system is to avoid cable network for the loudspeakers and flexibility. On a classic sound network to add a new speaker you need cables, hols inside ceiling and connect the speaker to the cables.
For wifi network you need to add a new loudspeaker unit to the light track and that's it.
You can add as many loudspeaker you need to the light track, and you can move them independently along the track, rotate 360 or even take theme out.

Where can i use them?
You can use them in any retail space, museum, art gallery, theater lobby. Specifically in museum usue you can put theme next to a diorama or display to produce ambient sound (wind, world war bombing sound in the background...). Using the chanel 2 of the loudspakers you can send important messages to visitor inside the gallery ("gallery will close in aprox 30min).

How it works?
The system use 3 items :
or loudspeakers connected tot the light track or mono point loudspeaker (don't need track but they need feed in cable). 
Wireless Loudspeaker CUBE  is a self-powered 5" loudspeaker cabinet with wireless audio reception and control capabilities under the control of the Master unit, featuring an installation system which is compatible with ceiling light rails. Alternatively, wall mount or desktop installation is as well possible by means of the included accessories.
Wireless loudspeaker TUBE
WiSpeak TUBE is a self-powered 3" lamp style loudspeaker with wireless audio reception and control capabilities under the control of the Master unit, featuring an installation system which is compatible with ceiling light rails.

WiSpeak CORE is the transmitter device that communicates with all the receiver devices to create a WiSpeak wireless network, and takes the role of the Master Unit. Its main functions are to pair and send audio contents to all the receivers (TUBE, CUBE), keeping a stable communication with them, and send also individual configuration commands to each receiver if desired. It also takes care of the global configuration of the system: audio inputs in use, equalization, output levels, etc.
CORE is the Master Unit of the Ecler WiSpeak system. Together with TUBE and CUBE, provides a simple and fast wireless installation with up to 500m2 coverage. It includes a WiSpeak grip app available for Android and iOS, which can be used for an advanced set up and fine tuning of the Wireless Pro Audio system.

WiSpeak grip is an app for mobile devices that provides the installer with the high-profile technical tools for a fast, easy and seamless configuration, diagnostics and commissioning of a WiSpeak professional wireless audio system. At the same time, it can provide the end user (often non-technical skilled) with a very simple control interface (a single screen) for the daily installation use.

listed price as only estimated for 1 transmitter and 1 loudspeaker. Price is flexible depending on the network complexity

Price without VAT* 794.00 €
Delivery time: 4-7 days** Available on order
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