Waste and recyclables collecting station for museums and art gallery's

Recycling collectors support you in waste separation. Recycling collectors is indispensable in the commercial and private sector. Conscientious recycling and reprocessing protects not only the environment but also keeps costs down.

With an anodised aluminium surface, the container can be cleaned without trouble and is therefore suitable e.g. for hospitals.

The sleek design allows you to collect materials directly at the point of waste generation, e.g. in rest areas, production facilities, waiting rooms, visitor areas, offices, kitchens and so on.

With the 6 recycling pictogram labels, you can choose yourself how best to separate the waste: glass, metal, paper, plastic, bio-waste, residual waste. 

Advantages of the GCOLLECT
4 sizes - the right one for everyone
Fire-resistant and odour-inhibiting
Elegant appearance and perfect cleaning due to the anodised aluminium
Maximum hygiene through easy use with a foot pedal
Maximum mobility thanks to 4 swivel castors, 2 of which have brakes

Waste separation system made from anodised aluminium

Anodised surface
4 different versions: 1 bin, 2 bins, 3 bins, 4 bins
For collecting and separating waste and recyclables
Collection container with 1 compartment
One 45 l plastic container can be individually removed from each compartment
Front-opening flap door opens with foot pedal
Flap with blue plastic handle
1 door per compartment fitted on the rear side, each plastic container can be individually removed
Hinged rear doors with magnetic catch
Polypropylene wheels, 50 mm wheel, thermoplastic rubber tread, non-marking, precision ball bearings, electrically conductive
Wheel arrangement D

X 2001-1 -- 026200101       size-- 370 x 490 x 800  -- price  496,70
X 2001-2 --  026200102      size-- 720 x 490 x 800  -- price  752,70
X 2001-3 --  026200103      size--1070 x 490 x 800  -- price  1.002,00
X 2001 -4 -- 026200104      size--1420 x 490 x 800  -- price  1.240,30


Price without VAT* 1000.00 €
Delivery time: 4-7 days** Available on order
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