Female flexibile museum mannequin

Flexible female mannequin created especially for museums, theaters, exhibitions or presentations.

For more than 20 years, this unique product, is used by Museums, Collectors, Theaters, Art Exhibitions and Shopping Malls offering exceptional possibilities of visualization.
Their innovation is found in their flexibility and the limitless creation opportunities they provide to the user. They can be instantly adjusted to every possible pose, exceeding even the abilities of the human body without being damaged, while their restoration to a previous or new posture is extremely easy.
Our Flexible Mannequins are the only flexible mannequins produced in Europe, while the last 10 years they have been chosen by historical European Museums confirming the timelessness of the product as much in practical as in aesthetical criteria.

Why is a special product?
It is a mannequin made on a flexible metal frame covered with a sponge substrate and a special cotton that has the property of not reacting chemically with the fabric of the clothes exposed on this mannequin. The cotton material is accompanied by MSD (Material Safety Data Sheet) approval which certifies this fabric as friendly to clothing
Although it is not a modular mannequin (body part are not detachable), it can be easily dressed and manipulated due to its low weight, the fact that it is flexible and the lack of metal joints that can damage fabrics.

Where can be used?
As the name of the product suggests, especially in exhibitions and museums, where he can play the role of display mannequin for clothing or he can play a character inside dioramas/ showcases. It's a light- weight mannequin (about 10 kg) and can be used even suspended from the ceiling.
The mannequin is delivered with a metal stand but being flexible it can be used independently of the stand in a sitting or casual position.

What is the diffrence betwen a museum mannequin and fashion mannequin?
First of all, the materials used to build this mannequin. They are materials designed for fine and fragile fabrics, opposed to a fiberglass mannequin that can damage the exposed product both chemically and physically.
It is a light weight mannequin and this makes it easy to handel inside galleries and show case displays . Compared to a fiberglass mannequin that can reach up to 20 kg the museum mannequin is only 10kg.

The main purpose of a fashion mannequin is to recreate exactly the human body, down to the smallest details so that  customer can visually identify himself through the mannequin with the product on display. The mannequin must sell the garments.
The purpose of these museum mannequins is not to reproduce the human body exactly, but rather to suggest this through vaguely penciled shapes. These mannequins don't need to sell anything, they only play a role inside a showcase creating a historical context.
They do not have facial features but with the help of an artist they can be customize and turned from a neutral museum mannequins to a characters with face.

How flexible are they?
They are very flexible and 90%of the body is flexibile. Except hands and foot (they are flexibile due to material but don't stay in position). Customized mannequins can be produced on request also with wire structure inside hands and foot so they will became fully flexibile mannequin.

Female museum mannequin colelction icludes: full body mannequin, bust form and a headless full body form
Collection Museum include also male mannequin and children unisex mannequins.

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