Professional realistic museum figures - customizable

This are professional customizable mannequins figures for museum displays. Basically you can customize the mannequins depending on your budget and your needs. This collection include a lot of accessories, head, arms, wigs, beards... and therefor we ask you kindly to send us an email with the request and we will help you with more details, pictures and prices for all the items.

We can also create from scratch a custom made mannequin, a realistic 3d copy of a model. Check picture gallery where you found the portrait of Carol II of Romania and Barack Obama

How it works ?
First of all you have to chose a body form (male, female or child). Child and male form is available in different sizes (child from 78 to 146 and male -small size for older person or taller body form). Flexible figures are an asset when you’re looking for display figures in active and natural positions. The flexible mannequins have an internal bendable metal frame throughout the body. This allows you to bend the display figure in the desired direction. You have a wide choice of, easy to mount, highly realistic silicone and polyester heads. For the hands and forearms, you can choose from flexible soft plastic rubber or silicone hands.

Choose a head form
Collection include different material head forms, with a more complex finish or not of the facial aspects . The most realistic but also the most expansive one is the realistic silicon head form.

Silicon head form for museum figures
This are very realistic head forms made from silicon and rigid fiberglass structure under. Silicone heads are lifelike display heads with implanted brows, beard & hair. We use realistic artificial eyes & teeth. Each head is painted by hand with multiple coats of paint for a realistic complexion. The heads fit on our Male museum figures & Flexible display figures. We offer matching Silicone hands. Medium price for a silicone head is around 3000euro for a ready made one and aprox 5000euro for reconstructing the image of a real person from photos.

Extra Realistic and Realistic head forms
Our extra realistic male heads are made of fiberglass and have realistic prosthetic eyes. We have painted the heads with great care. The airbrushed ones are each a unique small piece of art. As with all fibreglass heads, the hairs are painted and not implanted. Wigs, mustaches and beards can be attached with a little glue. Unless stated otherwise, the heads fit on our Male museum bodies and Flexible figures.

Our realistic male heads are made of fiberglass. They have various shapes and expressions, including screaming, careworn and aged faces. The most have realistic prosthetic eyes, some have painted eyes. The heads are sprayed, details are applied by hand. As with all fiberglass heads, the hairs are painted and not implanted. Wigs, mustaches and beards can be attached with a little glue. Unless stated otherwise, the heads fit on our Male museum bodies and Flexible figures.

Abstract head forms
The abstract heads are monochrome in white, black or Caucasian skin color. Upon request we will paint substantial batches of heads in any color. The heads can be used as a separate display head and also fit on our modular male and female museum figures

Chose Wigs, Beards and Mustaches

We sell quality wigs, beards and moustaches. These hairpieces are made of high quality synthetic hair or real human hair. We have wigs, mustaches and beards in many different models and colors in stock.

Our wigs are handmade with the help of a sewing machine. The wigs have a large adjustable fit and are suitable for most head sizes. If you want to use the wig for a very small or very large head then you better notify us first. We will check whether the desired wig is suitable for your needs.

Extra Options - Silicon hands and leg forms.
Silicone hands and legs are true to life. It has realistic painting and implanted hair. The hands fits on Flexible arms. We provide matching Silicone heads


Price without VAT*700.00 €
Delivery time: 4-7 days** Available on order
Contact +4(0) 721 640 898
  • Please contact us before ordering for any products on our page. We provide you extra information, details and we can decide together if the item is proper or not to your project.
  • Most of the products from pur page are customizable and they need a production time. We will inform you about delivery time and production time.
  • Orders may need a forward payment to lunch production.
  • Shipping cost are not included in the price, this we calculate separately depending on the volume, delivery time and shipping solution you chose (private shipping or with shipping company like DPd, Tnt, Fedex). We always try to find the best shipping solution with private cargo cars or normal forwarders.