Metallic stanchion rope barrier for museums and art gallery's

Elegant metallic vertical poles with braided ropes for museums and art gallery's. It will help to keep a safety distance between visitors and exhibits, or to guide visitors in waiting lines.  Basic product include 2m length rope but as extra option you can buy rope by meter and add clamps.

Model: Theatre
Rope barrier post in Gold color finish /  Silver color finish
Height: 100 cm
Braided polyester ropes in red, blue or black with gold color finish clasps. Gold color finish wall mount for the rope.


1 wall mount= 12eur
1 pole gold finish= 59eur
1 rope 2m = 25euro

Clamps= 6 euro
A4 sign holder=12 euro
A3 sign holder= 27euro
Rope by m =7 euro/ m

Price without VAT*84.00 €
Delivery time: 4-7 days** Available on order
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